Mobile Application Development


We specialize in Apple iOS & Google Android mobile application development solution together with a server application software. More than >90% of the mobile apps out in the market actually communicate with a server. This enhances the mobile app capability and creates a richer experience for the end user.

Our fast deployment framework has been made with stability in mind. With this framework, the entire process time has been significantly reduced! This process includes multi-platform development, testing, and deployment. A typical mobile application will take around 2 weeks to produce and deploy. This is way faster than the typical 5 weeks lead time by other industry players. We are clearly the leaders in mobile application development today!

With our multi-platform and virtualization server solutions, all these can be accomplished very quickly using Amazon AWS solution. This is on a global and worldwide scale. Our in-house GCM and APN servers also ensures the mobile applications get fast and proper push notifications.


Mobile App Lifecycle

In general, a mobile application development has to go through several processes to ensure good usability.

  1. Market research. Is it a unique concept ? Check out and see what the market wants or needs, and whether the demand/supply ratio is good.
  2. Planning & Development. Based on requirements and feedback, a proper mobile application development and server app can be done. Many revisions of the solution will arise, and improvements are made.
  3. Testing. With the wide range of mobile devices nowadays, it is crucial to test on as many devices as possible. Different mobile devices will definitely give different response and feel. This is where a lot of fixing & improvement is made.
  4. Gradual testing deployment. Release a beta mobile app first to a controlled group of people to get feedback. With this, further improvements can be made based on end-user feedback. If necessary, may need to go back to the mobile application development stage again.
  5. Full deployment. After the mobile app has been opened to public, constant monitoring for crashes, bugs and feedback is necessary. This will give the best feedback, as these are the real users.
  6. Updates and refreshing. Not many know but a mobile app needs to be ‘refreshed’ at least once every 6 months. This is to ensure the app does not look outdated to a user. Just look at how frequent Google Maps and Facebook update their mobile apps.



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 Mobile Application Development Services

We have a team of software development engineers to bring your solution to reality. Our services include :

1) Developing mobile solutions (mobile applications and server applications)

2) Building server application with PHP, SQL database for mobile usage (API)

3) Server application deployment on virtual private server (VPS) and also Amazon server cloud AWS

4) Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Apple Push Notification (APN), used in push notifications.

5) GCM and APN server setup at your location.


Supported Mobile Platforms :

1) Android

2) Apple